Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel

Ain Dubai, the world’s tallest and largest observation wheel, will open to the public from 21 October 2021. With a height of over 250 meters, Ain Dubai is the latest attraction to join Dubai’s growing skyline.

Ain Dubai, which means “eye of Dubai,” is the world’s tallest and largest Ferris wheel. Not surprisingly, Dubai broke another world record with the construction of Ain Dubai.

Since the opening of the 135-meter-high London Eye in 2000, some countries around the world have started building even taller observation wheels. In 2006, the Nanchang Star broke the record with 160 meters, followed by the Singapore Flyer in 2008 with 165 meters and the Las Vegas High Roller in 2014 with 168 meters.

Ain Dubai has 48 40-person capsules and can accommodate up to 1,400 visitors, with a rotation that takes 38 minutes to complete a full lap. Also designed by Hyundai, the capsule walls are double-glazed and measure 10 square meters each.


In 2013, Dubai announced that the world’s largest Ferris wheel, Ain Dubai, would open in late 2015 being located on a recently completed artificial entertainment island, Bluewaters Island, built by government company Meraas. But when construction began, the required engineering work was more extensive than expected and costs skyrocketed, causing a delay in the project’s completion.

Construction did not begin until May 2015 and the project cost was estimated at $1.6 billion. Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Starneth Engineering were selected as the prime design and construction contractors for Ain Dubai.

To begin the project, two 3,000-ton lifting cranes were imported from the Netherlands. During construction, large support beams were placed to install the 8 segments of the Ferris wheel until the 192 traction cables could independently support the outer steel rim, like the thin spokes of a bicycle wheel. Approximately 9,000 tons of steel were used to create this grandiose observation wheel.

Opening: October 21, 2021

The opening of Ain Dubai was one of the most anticipated events of the year in the United Arab Emirates.

Visit Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai offers visitors a unique experience with the best views in the city. A single ride takes about 38 minutes and offers visitors 360-degree views of the Dubai skyline from luxurious cabins. One can see the Dubai Marina, the Burj Al Arab and the Burj Khalifa, as well as the Persian Gulf.

The Ferris wheel cabins are fully air-conditioned, with wooden floors and Corian benches. Popcorn, hot dogs and nachos are available for purchase, but there will even be a VIP experience with dinner and butler.

Ain Dubai offers a choice of 19 unique experiences. There are packages to customize the entire experience, from music and décor to food and lighting.


Prices can go up to AED 4,500 (1050 euros, $1225) for a group of eight for the most exclusive dining experiences.

130 AED (30 euros, $35) per person

Private Cabin: between AED 1,150 (270 euros, $300) and AED 1,900


Opening hours

Ain Dubai is open daily from noon to 10 pm. The ticket office is located at the foot of the attraction, but it is recommended to book in advance online.

Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

It is recommended to arrive 30 minutes to 1 hour early to complete the entry process, purchase snacks and use the restroom.

No outside or home-bought food or beverages are allowed at Ain Dubai, but visitors may purchase items in the lounge or in the concessions inside the cabins.

Bluewaters Island – Dubai – United Arab Emirates