Legoland in Dubai

Legoland in Dubai is a great place to visit for all children and children’s souls. The theme park, built as part of Dubai Parks & Resorts, is located right across from the artificial island of Palm Jebel Ali.
At the entrance to the park, you’ll see The Factory, where you’ll also find the park’s “information desk” if you’d like to learn more about the many rides and attractions on site. This is also where you can visit the “Lego Factory,” where you can see how Lego bricks are made.

Lego Miniland

The highlight of the park for many is Miniland, where miniature versions of the wonders of the ancient and modern world as well as Dubai’s main attractions are made using Lego bricks. Miniland also has a “Build a City” area where children and adults can explore their own creativity using Lego bricks. Lego Miniland also features a variety of fun rides, including boat rides in small boats, cars and even airplanes.

Lego Imagine

Another attraction in the park is the “Imagine Zone,” where you can build and drive your own LEGO car and, if you’re so inclined, you can also participate in an educational class where you’ll learn how to build your own Mindstorms robot. Kids also have the opportunity to try out the popular Power Towers, which are always a favorite with the little ones as they allow them to observe the park from a certain height, before falling back to the ground.
Those who love adventure can also take part in the “LEGO Under water adventure” where you can experience an underwater adventure first hand or you can also choose to take a trip through the ruins of the ancient temples of Egypt and rediscover the Pharaoh’s treasure.



In addition to the traditional Legoland, there is also a water park where kids and adults can enjoy a cool swim or perhaps take a ride on one of the many water slides or other water park activities.

How to get there.

Legoland Dubai is located halfway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and is fairly easy to reach by public transportation such as the metro. The nearest metro station is UAE Exchange, from where you will need to take a cab to Legoland.

The best time to visit the park is from November to April, when the weather is more pleasant and less hot.

Tickets for the park can be purchased in advance online or at the information desk upon arrival. The price of a day ticket is approximately 235 AED (56 €, $64)

Parks & Resorts – Sheikh Zayed Rd Dubai – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates