Renting a yacht in Dubai: tips and practical information

A cruise on the blue waters of Dubai aboard a luxury yacht is a unique experience!
Are you visiting Dubai and want to avoid the tourist crowds? You live in the emirate and you want to escape? Opt for a sea trip on a yacht!
In Dubai, all kinds of luxury boats are available in the city’s main ports. You can rent one for a day, a weekend or several weeks. A unique way to discover the main attractions of the megalopolis, as you call in!
Luxury yachts allow you to explore Dubai in style and have an unforgettable time with your family, friends or colleagues.
Find out in this article why and how to charter a luxury yacht in Dubai. It’s time to relax and enjoy life at sea!

Good reasons to charter a luxury yacht in Dubai
– Chartering a luxury yacht in Dubai is an incredible experience.

– For a day or more, sail under the sun with the Dubai skyline on the horizon. Stop at the sea for diving and swimming. Then enjoy a delicious meal prepared by the crew. Soak up the sun on the bow, listen to the sound of the waves… or celebrate a birthday with friends with unlimited music!

– With a yacht charter, you’ll have a feeling of exclusivity. No other visitors on the boat, as if you had your own private villa on the sea. It’s the most intimate way to visit this huge city, away from the tourists and noise.

– On board, enjoy an exceptional service offered by the boat’s crew, depending on the package you choose. There is something for everyone! Some packages may include a romantic dinner for a couple, or a full barbecue dinner and a DJ to celebrate a birthday for example.

– In general, it is always possible to bring your own music playlist and access to the fully equipped kitchen if you wish to manage your organization independently.

– Finally, you can rent a luxury yacht in Dubai for as long as you want. The most common is the day charter, which allows you to visit the Marina and see the main attractions, such as Blue Water Island, Ain Dubai, the Burj Al Arab and the Burj Khalifa.

Our tips for renting a luxury yacht in Dubai

Here is the list of things to keep in mind when booking a yacht in Dubai:

Be sure to read the cancellation policy: if the trip has to be cancelled, what are the refund conditions or other possibilities
Find out what is included in the package and what the crew is like (experienced or not)
Read the yacht company’s customer reviews before booking
Choose the duration according to your desires: an afternoon for a birthday or a party, a weekend to relax or a week to visit Dubai and its surroundings.
Check the departure point of the boat (the marina? Jumeirah? Dubai Canal?) and decide what is most convenient for you.
Choose the right type of boat: the smallest ones can accommodate about 8 people and the biggest ones up to 35-40. Don’t take a boat that is too big so as not to pay more unnecessarily. If you rent a yacht for only a few hours, the size of the flying bridge is more important than the number of cabins!
How much does it cost to charter a luxury yacht in Dubai?
There are several factors that affect the price of a yacht charter (duration, type of boat, services included…).

On average, a private yacht charter for a week costs between €10,000 for luxury sailing yachts and catamarans, and up to €150,000 for superyachts.
For a day charter, count on about 900€ for a 10 person yacht, 1100€ for a 20 person yacht, and about 2800€ for a 30 person yacht.
A cheaper option is a dinner cruise on a yacht, from 8:30 to 10:30 pm with a 5-star buffet and unlimited drinks, for about 50€ per person.

Where to rent a luxury yacht in Dubai?

To rent a luxury yacht in Dubai, we recommend you to book a 3-hour yacht cruise with Dubai Yacht Rental by clicking here! This trip will allow you to discover all the famous places of Dubai: the Atlantis, Ain Dubai or the Burj El Arab. The departure is at the Palm Jumeirah and on board, you will be offered a breakfast or a barbecue depending on the time you choose.

We also recommend the Dubai Yacht Rental Yacht trip on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 6pm to 9pm. Atmosphere guaranteed and meal included (fresh drinks at will and snacking). The trip lasts about 3 hours and costs AED 160 per person. If you want more information, feel free to follow them on their Instagram page!