What to do in the Dubai Desert

Dubai Desert Safari – The luxury and modernity of the city of Dubai is surrounded by the loneliness and aridity of the Arabian desert. However, the Emirates have managed to turn this inhospitable environment into a worthwhile tourist attraction.

The most popular activities in the desert are

Camel ride: While almost all safaris offer some sort of camel ride, some are dedicated to the traditional camel caravan experience with rides along the reserve trails in the desert.

For those who want to experience the Dubai desert, it is possible to take a tour through the dunes by 4×4 or camel. Aside from venturing out onto the sands of the emirate, visitors have the chance to experience the real Bedouin culture in camps at the end of the tour. In addition, the area is also home to the Dubai Desert Conversation Reserve, a nature reserve that preserves the flora and fauna of the region and is open to the public. Another way to explore the desert landscape is to take a hot air balloon ride.


The mountain peaks make Hatta the perfect place for adventurers and nature lovers. Just over an hour from central Dubai, the place offers a number of adrenaline-filled options, whether it’s trekking on a bike trail or wading through the waters in a kayak. Cyclists, from amateurs to professionals, can explore the Hatta mountain region from the Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Center. The facility offers four different levels of routes, with trails more suitable for beginners and trails requiring a higher skill level for veteran pedalers.

Sandboarding is one of the options that has gained the most popularity in recent years, especially among young people who can glide over the huge dunes, experiencing a different and exciting experience.

Traditional shows in the desert

Traditional shows usually include Arabic coffee and typical Emirate dishes, henna tattoos and traditional dances.

What to wear on a desert safari

In the desert, it is advisable to wear comfortable and modest clothing, preferably cotton. Shorts, shirts and light tops are acceptable, although it is advisable to wear clothing that will protect you from the slanting desert sun, such as long-sleeved shirts. At night, it is advisable to wear a jacket when the temperature drops.

It is essential to wear sunglasses, sunscreen and hats or caps when visiting the desert. Since you can get sunburned in a few hours.

As for shoes, they can wear light tennis shoes or adjustable sandals. Avoid boots or heavy shoes that prevent you from moving easily.